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Hi! I'm Heidi,

Owner and Creator of

Cocoon-homespun soft goods.

Nice to meet you!


cocoon-homespun soft goods

While brainstorming the idea of re-branding my business, my sister and I realized my old business name just wasn't suitable for how my products felt.

Hours and hours of thinking and throwing words around, my sister said

"it's like being wrapped in a cozy cocoon!"

It was perfect!

I really enjoy designing and creating a product that fits every individual person. Especially since I've always had trouble finding cute hats that actually fit. Turns out, I am not alone in that issue. So I set out to make hats that actually fit well. That favorite, everyday wear hat that you don't want to take off! Yep...that's the one!

If you see something you love in my shop, but I don't have a suitable size for you, email me using the tiny mail icon below.



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